Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This and That

Thought I would take a wee break from the cardio and give a quick update of what I have been up to the last week.

This is the second week of the crazy cardio and lunge sessions and I am surprisingly not hating it. It is a LOT of cardio and the planning can be tricky but it sure isn't difficult. With the right company or magazine it can fly by! On that note I would like to thank my dear friend Jared for the 2 hours he put in on the treadmill yesterday :) I told him he is going to be 'show ready' whether he wants to or not!

Feels like things are starting to move as well, so that makes it worth while. My abs are making a comeback & there are the beginnings of some lines on my legs :) Woot! It is working! I was hoping to do progess pics this past weekend but no one was around to take them for me.

My teenage kids have gone off and got lives of their own :( Taryn went snowboarding for the first time on Saturday and LOVED it. She came home asking for her own snowboard :S Sounds pricey to me. Tyler spent the day working with my dad and brother in the family business. He wasn't to keen on the idea when I woke him Saturday morning but ended up enjoying it and making Grandpa very proud. He said my Dad kept telling everyone..."this is the 5th generation working for the family business":)

I went to see Shutter Island with Jared on Saturday night. It was actually quite a good movie, I expected it to be really scary but it wasn't. Since my divorce I have mostly stuck to chick flicks (mostly because I can I think). The last couple times I have went to the movies I strayed from the usual and was glad I did. On Valentine's weekend we attempted to see Valentine's Day and it was sold out. Since we were already there we saw Crazy Heart which was awesome.  On Sunday I  finally got to see Valentine's Day with Adena and enjoyed it very much.

I am off to the gym now for 1.5 - 2 hours of cardio. Later I will do the other 1- 1.5 hours and my 200 lunges at the studio.

I work until 8 and then will be rushing home to watch the hockey game.

Go Canada!!!!

PS...I seem to have lost my spell check option! Not sure where it went but in the meantime please excuse the spelling and typos :)


  1. I lost my spell check also...I guess its something wrong with blogger :(

    I feel like I am living at the gym these days.

  2. GO TAWYNA! I can't wait to see yoru prog pics! No matter how much abs I have, I have never had lines in my legs. I am jealous of yoU!

  3. Hey- I just found your blog and must say- you are really good at it!! Love the photos. I think your are looking awesome and I love the insights. See you tonight!

  4. Okay- too funny it came up Thomas-I don't know how this works!