Monday, June 29, 2009

12 Weeks Out at Last

Saturday marked the 12 week out point and the start of my diet. The funny thing was it couldn't come soon enough and I have been relieved to have to be on plan again. It's a strange feeling, even though I was telling myself on stay on up until this point for some reason something else was telling me to go for it because I wouldn't see that food again for another 5 months. This first 'off season' has definitley been a struggle for me and I can only hope that the next time will be easier.

I braved the scale on Saturday ( even after a steak and wine dinner Friday night - thanks Adena!) and this is what I am dealing with:

Weight - 134.6
Fat % - 17.7
Fat Mass - 23.8
FFM - 110.8

On April 9 , about 3 weeks pre-contest I was:

Weight - 127
Fat % - 15.8
Fat Mass - 20
FFM - 107

So it looks like I am dealing with 3.8 lbs of fat gain which isn't really as bad as I thought so long as the body comp scale is correct. It sure feels and looks like more then that to me but who really knows!

I decided to take last week off of training bercause I was feeling run down (likely because of all the crappy food!) and because I knew it would be hard core from her on in so today it begins!! I will be doing Shoulders, Triceps and Cardio ( 45 minutes on the bike - steady state) Not fun that I have to start this on 3 hours sleep but that seems to be how Mondays are - aarrrggh! Why is it that when we need sleep the most are body refuses? Anywho...onward ans upward...I will post soon with how things are coming along!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Week thus Far...

I decided not to weigh on Monday because I had my last "cheat day" on Sunday and didn't feel it would give a very accurate reading. is the day! When I go into work I will hop on that body comp scale and face the cold hard truth...eek!

I have been a lot better with the eating the last couple of days but am still struggling a bit as I know I don't have to be 'spot on' until the 14 week mark. Yesterday for example, I went to a gf's place between clients to shower and have my lunch...when I got there it was after my cardio and time for my meal (which I had with me btw) when I noticed breakfast pitas and pb on her counter :O I LOVE those things and haven't had them in about 6 months, so i proceeded to sacrifice my asparagus and chicken for pitas and pb followed by handful of cashews that were also out on her counter! These are things that I know I can't do during comp prep and am praying to have my focus back soon!

As far as the workouts go the last couple days have been pretty good even though I have been fighting a stupid cold.

Monday June 1

Weights: Shoulders and Triceps
Cardio :45 minutes on the stepmill. I usually do the manual program and start at 75 spm and work my way up to 100/110 depending on the day but I decided to try the interval program instead. I set the 'easy' part at 80 spm and the 'work' at 90 spm. I enjoyed it and burned about 450 calories ( I rarely hit that with the manual program, it was normally around 420) so I was really happy with that :)

Tuesday June 2

Weights:Back and Abs
Cardio :45 minutes on stepmill. Interval program at 85 easy and 95 work for the first 35 minutes. 90/100 for next 5 and finished at 95/105. Burned about 460.

Will try to post with the weigh-in tonight. All depends if my teenagers will let me near the computer!