Friday, April 2, 2010

We are off to Laval!!!

The nails are done, the hair is done and I have 2 coats of spray tan on...I am just finishing my breakfast , packing up the car & we are hitting the road to Laval! It is a 7 hour drive so we are hoping to be there by 2:30/3 at the latest with stops.

It is now just myself and 3 kids making the trek ( Taryn. Tyler and Taryn's friend Ellena). They are none to thrilled that I will be rooming with them now and I'm pretty sure poor Taryn had nightmares about the prospect of tanning my ass again but what can ya do?

Reigistration is today from 1-5 at our hotel and there is an mandatory athletes meeting 6. After that I am hoping to chill and get a GREAT nights sleep as I sure didn't last night. Hopefully I don't have  repeat of the Ottawa show and toss and turn the entire night!

Pre-judging is at 9 am tomorrow, followed by the night show at 6:30. I will try to post updates through my twitter and facebook!

Sunday we are heading into Montreal to do some sight seeing. I have never been before I would like to have some time to relax and explore after the show so we have booked a room downtown for Sunday night. I am realy looking forward to getting away and spending some time with the kids :)

So that is all...hopefully I will have some good news to report back on Tuesday :)

Hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER!!