Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas in January?!?

I have just been plugging along trying to eat as clean as possible through the holidays. Some days are better then others and I am actually looking forward to the 14 week mark (Dec, 26!) when I have no choice other then to eat clean. I want to take the best package possible to the Natural Canadians and can't be messing around!

Christmas actually hasn't been too hectic or stressful as I have postponed it until January!

Anyone working in the fitness industry knows that things come to a grinding halt in December. Many believe they are far too 'busy' to make it in for their workouts or can't justify the cost when they have gifts to buy. I have found this difficult in the past while working at a club but am feeling it more now that I am self employed. For that reason the kids and I decided to delay Christmas until January when the rush hits!

 Luckily they are old enough to understand and realize they get enough gifts from others that it won't feel like Santa didn't come. Although I felt a little guilty at first I am now kind of excited about it. I will be able to buy them more now, won't have to worry about fighting the crowds and will most likely get better deals! We are even going to keep the tree up and stuff the stockings again!

Tyler has asked for a netbook so I am hoping to take advantage of the boxing day sale at Best Buy. Taryn wanted Uggs but she is rethinking that. I asked my parents and brother not to buy me anything as I can't afford to reciprocate. I would rather just enjoy the day with them, thats's what it's all about anyway right?

Here are some pics of Christmas past. 3 years ago instead of gifts the kids and I went
to NYC and if you ask me that was the best idea ever. Memories last a lifetime, gifts do not.

 This photo was taken at the Disney Store on 5th Ave :)

Here we are at FAO Schwarz!

And skating at Rockefeller Center!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Athlete of the Month...Woot!

This month I am featured on my trainer Mindi O'Brien's blog!

Check it out here...

Mindi’s website