Friday, September 25, 2009

Go Mindi!!!!!!

My trainer, the amazing 'Mindi O' is competing in her 6th FITNESS OLYMPIA today! Good Luck girl!! We are all thinking about you today!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Day has Come!!!

It is finally here...the OPA Ontario Natural Championships have arrived!! Tan is almost complete, hair extensions are in & I will be out the door for make up right shortly. Woke up hungry and eager to get at my steak, potato & avocado breakie!!

Will post more later, hopefully with good news and lots of pics!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A 40th Anniversary & a Weigh in

These are my lovely parents at their 40th anniversary party. I think I am about as photogenic as my Dad unfortunately! We always end up with this goofy smile on our faces that does not look natural at all! He's being silly there but the real one is not far off!

And here is the yummy cake that I did not even get to sample.I had the wonderful job of dishing it out and kept finding myself about to lick the icing off my fingers....then I would catch myself and be like...."Whoa! I can't do that!" I did free a nice big corner piece for later though ;)

On another note I asked for the trim to be mauve...does that look mauve to you ??? That was the great me it looks like white on white which I found odd my some thought there may be a slight hint of mauve in there.

All in all it was a lovely evening with about 50 of there closest family and friends. Heck, anyone who can be married to the same person for 40 years deserves a party don't they?? I didn't even make 10...I can't even begin to imagine 40!

Back to me :)...

I weighed yesterday and this is where I am sitting at 2 weeks out;

Weight - 126.2 (down 2.8)

Fat % - 16.9 (up 1.3)

Fat Mass - 21.4 (up 1.2)

FFM - 104.8 (down 4)

Looks like weight is down in muscle and fat is up a little bit. I am not going to be too concerned with that as I am appearing leaner and those scales can be off at times.

Correct?? I'm not getting fatter & losing my muscle right??!!??

Saturday, September 5, 2009

14 days!

I am just about to head to the club for some posing practice with one of my team mates. As soon as my tilapia is finished cooking that is!

I seem to be at the stage in my training where every waking minute is consumed by prep. Last night I had to head to a new gym to get my last cardio session in because my gym was closed by the time I was ready to do it. My parents are having a 40th Anniversary party today and I had to be over there getting things Mom pretends to support me but secretly is not a fan and thinks my priorities could be better. This she chooses to share with my children when I am not around. Gotta love mothers don't ya? Anywho...I just knew I would not be popular if I tried to book it to get to my gym before it closed.

So I finished my 2nd hour on the stepmill shortly after 10 pm and then had to hit a 24 hr grocery store because I realized I was out of tilapia and asparagus. Got home around 11pm, had a shower, went to bed and got up to do it all again.

Today is the actual party so I have to get my posing, cardio, lunges done and then get helping. Still not sure how I am going to get my 2nd cardio in when the party starts at 3 pm :S May have to squeeze it in that a bad idea on rest day??

I am going to weigh today so I will post stats tomorrow and give a party update as well! Hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

200 Lunges...What?!?

Had another posing practice last night. Seems many of us are a little behind as Mindi kept asking "Are you doing your cardio? All of it? Do more!". Luckily I wasn't one of those people but I did get assigned 200 walking lunges a day in addition to my already 2 hours on the stepmill...oy! My own fault really, I asked about my cardio before I left and was told everything was coming along nicely but to add the lunges to bring in the leg/glute area some more.

Ah well, it's only 2 weeks right?

Apparently I am not getting out of this show so I guess I better start getting organized. Need hair, nail, tan, makeup appointments :S Going to be a busy and expensive couple weeks! Stay tuned...