Friday, September 4, 2009

200 Lunges...What?!?

Had another posing practice last night. Seems many of us are a little behind as Mindi kept asking "Are you doing your cardio? All of it? Do more!". Luckily I wasn't one of those people but I did get assigned 200 walking lunges a day in addition to my already 2 hours on the stepmill...oy! My own fault really, I asked about my cardio before I left and was told everything was coming along nicely but to add the lunges to bring in the leg/glute area some more.

Ah well, it's only 2 weeks right?

Apparently I am not getting out of this show so I guess I better start getting organized. Need hair, nail, tan, makeup appointments :S Going to be a busy and expensive couple weeks! Stay tuned...

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