Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Weeks, A Gala & a Weigh in I am 3 weeks out from this show and finally (hopefully) have my head in the game. This prep has been a rocky road for me...all along the way I had it in my head that I may just skip this one.

I had surgery at 11 weeks which left me unable to do cardio or legs until week 9, then at 7 weeks Mindi told me I was behind and needed to step it up which really sent me for a loop. I know this was to meant to motivate and get me focused but for some reason it had the opposite effect on me... it made me want to skip this show all together. This reminds me that people are motivated in different ways and this is something I need to keep in mind when training my own clients. That same week I was given a 'verbal written' at work for not hitting my sales goal for the first time in 4 years. Apparently that was meant to motivate me too!! But once again...wrong left me looking at other employment options!

Even with all these doubts I kept plugging along as they continued to increase my cardio & take away my carbs in hopes of getting this body on track. Then came week 4 which included our annual AWARDS GALA. Its always a good time and since I figured it would probably be my last one I may as well enjoy it. By enjoy it I mean drink :O I struggled with whether or not to write about this because I know Mindi reads my blog sometimes but decided that if I can't be honest on here then what is the point?? This is the story of my journey...the highs and lows!! So I drank, boy did I drink!!! My theory was that I probably wasn't going to do the show anyway and I would take my chances and deal if the consequences later.

This photo makes me laugh because it all started out so well...I sat there eating my salad with tilapia and avocado while the others munched out on a spread of Jack Astors appetizers!!

So my plan was to stick with my food but have a few drinks with calorie free mix...along with a few shots of clear tequila ( this is advice from Jillian Micheal's and skinny girl Bethenny Frankel btw...I did my research ;)) The night sort of went like that although there may have been a beer or 2 thrown in there that were bought for me :O.

Yup, there is some of the beer evidence! This is me with my awesome team of co-workers who I am going to miss very much...I will just have to continue to work out at the club I guess!

It was a fun filled night and when I awoke at 7:30 am I was starving...I made my way to the other girls room and proceeded to wake them all up so I could get my egg white, spinach, lean beef combo out of their fridge...I ate that and then went back to sleep until 9:30 am. This is when I woke up to the sound of the mini bar calling me :O I gave in to some nuts and chocolate and went back to this sleep ( at this point I was figuring I was kinda screwed anyway so I may as well throw it all in)...then the girls called to let me know they were ready to head out to our annual morning after breakfast at Richtree and I thought wth? Why stop now?? So off I went...

Here I am with the ladies putting down some french toast...unfortunately ( or fortunately?) it didn't stay down long...shortly after this photo was taken I was on my way to the bathroom :S

The rest of the day was spent shopping on Bloor and Queen streets ( mostly at Lulu) and then haeded home . This is when I finally felt ablt to eat again and thought I was as well finish off this impromtu "cheat day" with my children!

So there is my true confession...Mindi if you are reading...sorry!

I went to work on Tuesday and weighed in exactly the same as before the weekend.On Saturday I did the body comp scale these are the results I got:

Weight - 129 (down 1.9)

BF % - 15.6 (down 3.7)

Fat Mass - 20.2 (down 5)

FFM -108.8 ( up 3)

Everyone has been commenting this week on how much my body is changing all of a sudden (especially in the last week...WHAT??!!??) And Mindi has informed me that I am ABSOLUTELY doing this there its is...the good, the bad and the ugly.

I will keep you posted and try not to go MIA when I am off my game from now on. We are are stuggling with the same issues and there is no point trying to hide it right?

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  1. Best point of reading blogs is the honesty. Even in your struggles you are very motivating. I think you would always prefer that I'm honest about what's going on (well maybe not, haha) so as my trainer you can be in a better position to help. I am willing to bet Mindi feels the same way, I'm also willing to bet you're in for some serious pain if you do that again.

    ps - I didn't wring out my spinach enough so now my egg whites, beef and spinach are a bit soggy, but I'm eating it!