Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 weeks and Frustrated

So here I am 6 weeks out and still behind schedule!!! Aaaahhhh!!! This pic above is exactly how I have been feeling for the last 24 hours, except add a few tears. Wah! This is not typical behaviour of me to whine and feel sorry for myself like this and I don't like it one bit. I was actually considering throwing it all in yesterday and going home to sit on my couch with a tub of ice cream. It's a darn good thing I had people waiting for me at the stairs after posing practice because who knows what could have happened otherwise :S

Here's my current stats:

The old ones are from 11 weeks before my surgery. I have been afraid to get back on until now!

Weight: 130.8 (down 3)
Fat % - 18.4 (down 2 %)
Fat Mass - 24 (down 3.2)
FFM - 106.8 (up .2)

From what I can find for the last show I was weighing in at; 119.4, 13.9% bf (16.6 fat mass).
So I guess this is what I need to strive for or better.
8 lbs of fat loss in 6 weeks???
From the looks of my new diet & cardio program it's a definite possibility.
Will keep you posted!

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  1. UGh! I hate those kinds of days. We all have days where we want to throw in the towel, but you know what, you didn't. You're still here, still trucking along. You can do it. You know what you need to do, you have done it before. AND YES, you must give thanks to those friends who are counting on you and holding you accountable. The world would be a much worse place if it weren't for them.