Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is where I want to be right now...

Lying on the beach in Port Dover. We have been trying to get there all summer and it seems every time we plan to go it rains :(

My daughter had an orthodontist appointment this morning so I drug her to work with me at 6am (She got up at 4 am!!!) so I could get a few clients in before heading off to her appointment. We then planned to spend the afternoon at this beach but once again Mother Nature had other ideas. So...we substituted with Walmart to get some school supplies! Now we are home, the skies are clear, it is hotter then heck, and she is sleeping. Oh well...I still have weights and cardio #2 to do so I will head to the gym shortly.

Things seem to be going a little better with the prep. Still not sure if I am 'on track' but I am def making gains. I weighed yesterday and these were my stats;

Weight - 129.8 (down 1)

Fat % - 17.1 (down 1.3)

Fat Mass - 22.2 (down 1.8)

FFM - 107.6 (up .8)

I will keep plugging along for now but if I don't feel that I am ready in the next couple weeks I will pull out and focus on the next show in October. Until then...thanks for all the encouragement!

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  1. Keep plugging away, I really want you to do the show in 4 weeks. A lot can change girl, you're not getting off the hook just yet!