Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Back!

Yes I am still alive...I was just in a bit of a January rut!

I am a solid 3 weeks into comp training /dieting and feeling good. I am not seeing any changes on the scale yet but I am noticing small changes and overall just feel better. I ALWAYS do when I eat why can't I remember that during the off season when I am indulging in all those 'dirty' foods and feeling gross and miserable?!?

My next show is in Laval, Quebec on April 3rd and it is the CBBF Natural Canadians. I qualified for this show when I place 3rd (out of 3 :S) at the Natural Ontario's in September. If you recall, that was the show that I went into unfocused and behind schedule. For that reason I real like I need to show that I belong there & not that I advanced because there was a low turnout for the show!

I am feeling confident that I will be able to present my best physique yet as I have been doing double cardio's since 13.5 weeks and am already following a pretty low carb diet. Other then a green apple, grapefruit and a tablespoon of pineapple, it's all raw green veg & protein! The goal is to bring me in ahead of schedule and hold it from there. I much prefer this method to stressing out at the end.

Sorry for being such a bad blogger but now that January is over hopefully the blues can go with it! More regular posts (and maybe even some progress pics) to come!!