Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This pic made me laugh....although there are no worries of me drinking and flying anywhere tonight as I am one week out from Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Physique Championships!!!

I am feeling good and ready to rock the stage :) A little different from the show 6 weeks back right? It's amazing what a little focus and determination can do for the mind and body! I said I will not be doing any drinking or celebrating tonight but my 16 year old is throwing a Halloween Party and I fear there may be some mischief going on there :S I am quite worried actually...what do dozens of teenagers do at a party if not drink? And if they do, what do I do about it??? I am so not ready for these teenage years!!!! Help!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am back after another rather LONG hiatus...sorry! Things got a little crazy around here and while I always make time to read your blogs actually blogging myself seems too daunting :S

I did the NATURAL ONTARIO'S on September 19 and had a disappointing finish. I came 3rd in my height class (out of 3) and 7th of 9 in the Masters class. This was only my 2nd show and in my first show I came first so it was quite an awakening.

Here is a photo from the Naturals' can see that my abs didn't come in as they did in April and my legs are still WAY too big, I won't even provide you with a rear view but that was definitely an issue as well!
Looking back now I can see where I went wrong...I started dieting at 12 weeks and then had surgery at 11 weeks that took me longer to recover from then expected and didn't get my training and diet back on track until the 9 week mark. For the April show I started dieting at 16 weeks so already I was 7 weeks behind! From that point on that I had the attititude that I 'might' do the show. I knew I was behind and rather then use that as motivation to haul ass I just kept using it as an excuse to bail.

When I would ask Mindi if she thought I would be ready she would say "That is up to you. You have to work hard and focus." She even went as far as to say "Stop texting between sets!"...this part actually made me laugh because she doesn't work out at my club so that meant somebody had ratted on me! Too funny!

At the time I never quite understood what she meant and was rather frustrated and discouraged...I WAS doing the work, I WAS following the diet... I WAS putting in the time. But thats's just it..I was putting in the time but not the effort. My heart wasn't in it, I wasn't focused and my workouts and body suffered.

Although that placing was hard to take I am still glad I did the show. I think it was a lesson I had to learn and I will NOT that that happen again. My head is in the game I am focused and ready for November 7...Ottawa here I come!