Sunday, July 26, 2009

8 Weeks Already???

Wow! This prep is flying by and I am just now feeling like I am on track and have my head in the right place :S I started out great at the 12 weeks mark but then I had surgery and it all fell apart. I had varicose vein ligation surgery and from what I understood was supposed to be quite simple. I had actually planned to be back into work at 7 am the next morning and resume my regular workouts on Monday (the surgery was Thursday!). I was sadly mistaken as I was unable to move from my couch until Monday morning at which point and went into work but only lasted 1/2 a day. I worked 1/2 days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and finally a full day on Friday. I struggled through my upper body workouts but had to skip the cardio and legs. This was unfortunate because the was the week I was to start my cardio twice a day :S Spending the weekend on the couch was also not very good for the diet because I went from not eating at all for a couple of days (anesthetic) to eating whatever was convenient because I was unable to stand long enough to prepare my proper diet food.

Anywho...the good news is that when I went in for my follow up this past Monday the kind doctor removed the tensor bandage (which was wrapped tightly from my hip to my toes)...the dressings, and the stitches and sent me on my way :) :) :) It was like as soon as that dang tensor came off and removed some of the pressure I felt 100% better. I went right back to work and hopped on the bike for a 45 minute cardio session! As soon as I did that my mood improved and I was back in the game. It's really quite funny how much exercise effects our lives. That week without being able to do my proper workouts and my diet not on track I was miserable!

This past week has been good, I got in all of my cardio and weight workouts and stuck to the diet 100%. I know this is how EVERY week has to be from here on in and I am ready!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

11 Weeks and Crazy Scales

So here I am 11 weeks out and excited to hop on the scale and see what progress I have made during this week of clean eating. By clean eating I mean no crap because although I did stick to my diet foods I am guilty of having extra portions. I know I need to get a handle on this but in my head it was a LOT better then what I have been up to and I still have 11 weeks. The biggest problem was that I was forced to buy Vanilla yogurt instead of plain which I have learned is not an option as I enjoy the sweetness too much. A couple of days I would go back for seconds (maybe even 3rds :S) of the yogurt, cottage cheese, berry combo. Keep in mind that my diet says a 1/4 c. of each so it's easy to see how these calories could have added up.
Anywho...all in all I felt it was a pretty good week so when I hopped on that scale I was SHOCKED to see the following;
Weight - 133.8 (down .8)
Fat % - 20.4 (up 2.7)
Fat Mass - 27.2 (up 3.4)
FFM - 106.6 (down 4.2)
Could this be true??? I know I couldn't possibly have lost 4.2 lbs of muscle and gained 2.7 lbs of fat in a week but now the problem is I don't know which reading is more accurate...arrrggh! Maybe I really did do more damage then what the previous reading showed! I am going to try my best not to hop on it every day this week and just hold out until Saturday when it's time to weigh again. Boy that thing can sure mess with your head!
Workouts were great last week :) I am glad I decided to take the previous week off as I came back fresh and have been dealing with some wicked doms ( especially in the legs!). I am going to start my week today which would normally be my rest day because I am having surgery on Thursday and unsure what I will be capable of after that. They say you can resume 'normal' activities right away but not clear on what defines normal. Standing all day slinging dumbbell's & weight plates followed by a 45 minute stair climb and intense leg workout? I think not.
Today is shoulders and triceps followed by 45 minutes on the bike although I am thinking if saving the bike for later in the week. I may need something easier after the surgery. After that I am training a good friend and then hitting the driving range with her.
I love Sundays!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

I enjoyed my first ever sober "Black Top Hop" last night and it wasn't so bad. The 'Hop" is thee event of the year in Caledonia and is attended by thousands. It is always the day before Canada Day and a huge drunkfest. I knew this year would be a whole new experience sans the alcohol but I went anyway because I told myself that I would not sacrifice my summer because of my diet. And...I think this is the first Canada Day in several years that I have not spent on my couch...I actually worked today! I was still a little tired because I didn't get home until 12:30 and had to get up at 6:30 am but at least the day wasn't a write off. That is one thing I learned over the last couple months when I did choose to drink. For a couple of hours of fun you pay for it for at least 3 days. The following day would be a total waste and then my workouts would suffer all week. So not worth it!