Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally a Nice Weekend :)

What a relief it has been to have a few nice days without any rain. And on a weekend too! My weekend didn't start out the greatest as Friday was the last day of July and being behind in my goals left me at work quite late at night prospecting. I didn't manage to get what I needed to done (or even close) but it's my first time that I haven't hit since I started working there 3.5 years ago and all my hard work month end seems to have set me up for a pretty solid August.
I was on my way home after 10 pm when I realized I was out of egg whites which I needed for 2 of my meals on Saturday. Everything was closed ( I live in the boonies) except Shoppers and I was lucky enough to find them there. The clerk said they just started carrying them! I get home, wash my face, put my pj's on & hop into bed only to remember that I am out of crystal light that I need for my morning shake...uuggh. It now only consists of a whole avocado & a scoop of protein so I'm pretty certain that I won't be able to drink it alone. Up I get & back to Shoppers I go...I swear the lady thought I was nuts!
Saturday I wake up bright and early & begin to prepare my shake and while cutting the avocado I slice right into my hand. It was quite deep and bleeding a lot so I figure I better call my Dad to let him know in case I need stitches & a ride to the hospital. While talking to him I decide that the bleeding has slowed and I should be okay but I will call if anything changes. I wrap it all up & go on with my morning...prepping my shake (which I had to throw out after all that because my blender sucks and decided the avocado wasn't ripe enough to blend), and eating my oatmeal. Sitting at the computer reading blogs is precisely what I was doing when my parents came busting through my front door. Apparently they had been trying to call my house (battery dead) and my cell ( ringer off) and when I didn't answer assumed I had passed out. They made a mad dash from a town over to check on me at 7 am on a Saturday morning only to find me eating oatmeal & drinking a coffee! Gotta love the rents, no matter how old we get they still worry about us :)
The rest of the day consisted of clients, posing practice and errands. At practice Mindi informed me that I am behind schedule and we need to step it up :S This we decided will be done by two a days on the stepmill. I knew this would come sooner or later and I also know that's what works for me but damn I hate that thing! I asked if I could do 'real' stairs as an alternative and she said yes :) I actually find them harder but it is so nice to be outside. So that's what I did today...a half hours of plyos at the club with a gf followed by 7 rounds (2030)of stairs. Next week we're going to do plyos outside as well.
So that's the is dead on, workouts are being stepped up and I am feeling good :)
7 weeks to go!!

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