Saturday, September 5, 2009

14 days!

I am just about to head to the club for some posing practice with one of my team mates. As soon as my tilapia is finished cooking that is!

I seem to be at the stage in my training where every waking minute is consumed by prep. Last night I had to head to a new gym to get my last cardio session in because my gym was closed by the time I was ready to do it. My parents are having a 40th Anniversary party today and I had to be over there getting things Mom pretends to support me but secretly is not a fan and thinks my priorities could be better. This she chooses to share with my children when I am not around. Gotta love mothers don't ya? Anywho...I just knew I would not be popular if I tried to book it to get to my gym before it closed.

So I finished my 2nd hour on the stepmill shortly after 10 pm and then had to hit a 24 hr grocery store because I realized I was out of tilapia and asparagus. Got home around 11pm, had a shower, went to bed and got up to do it all again.

Today is the actual party so I have to get my posing, cardio, lunges done and then get helping. Still not sure how I am going to get my 2nd cardio in when the party starts at 3 pm :S May have to squeeze it in that a bad idea on rest day??

I am going to weigh today so I will post stats tomorrow and give a party update as well! Hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend!!

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