Sunday, September 6, 2009

A 40th Anniversary & a Weigh in

These are my lovely parents at their 40th anniversary party. I think I am about as photogenic as my Dad unfortunately! We always end up with this goofy smile on our faces that does not look natural at all! He's being silly there but the real one is not far off!

And here is the yummy cake that I did not even get to sample.I had the wonderful job of dishing it out and kept finding myself about to lick the icing off my fingers....then I would catch myself and be like...."Whoa! I can't do that!" I did free a nice big corner piece for later though ;)

On another note I asked for the trim to be mauve...does that look mauve to you ??? That was the great me it looks like white on white which I found odd my some thought there may be a slight hint of mauve in there.

All in all it was a lovely evening with about 50 of there closest family and friends. Heck, anyone who can be married to the same person for 40 years deserves a party don't they?? I didn't even make 10...I can't even begin to imagine 40!

Back to me :)...

I weighed yesterday and this is where I am sitting at 2 weeks out;

Weight - 126.2 (down 2.8)

Fat % - 16.9 (up 1.3)

Fat Mass - 21.4 (up 1.2)

FFM - 104.8 (down 4)

Looks like weight is down in muscle and fat is up a little bit. I am not going to be too concerned with that as I am appearing leaner and those scales can be off at times.

Correct?? I'm not getting fatter & losing my muscle right??!!??

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