Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Week thus Far...

I decided not to weigh on Monday because I had my last "cheat day" on Sunday and didn't feel it would give a very accurate reading. is the day! When I go into work I will hop on that body comp scale and face the cold hard truth...eek!

I have been a lot better with the eating the last couple of days but am still struggling a bit as I know I don't have to be 'spot on' until the 14 week mark. Yesterday for example, I went to a gf's place between clients to shower and have my lunch...when I got there it was after my cardio and time for my meal (which I had with me btw) when I noticed breakfast pitas and pb on her counter :O I LOVE those things and haven't had them in about 6 months, so i proceeded to sacrifice my asparagus and chicken for pitas and pb followed by handful of cashews that were also out on her counter! These are things that I know I can't do during comp prep and am praying to have my focus back soon!

As far as the workouts go the last couple days have been pretty good even though I have been fighting a stupid cold.

Monday June 1

Weights: Shoulders and Triceps
Cardio :45 minutes on the stepmill. I usually do the manual program and start at 75 spm and work my way up to 100/110 depending on the day but I decided to try the interval program instead. I set the 'easy' part at 80 spm and the 'work' at 90 spm. I enjoyed it and burned about 450 calories ( I rarely hit that with the manual program, it was normally around 420) so I was really happy with that :)

Tuesday June 2

Weights:Back and Abs
Cardio :45 minutes on stepmill. Interval program at 85 easy and 95 work for the first 35 minutes. 90/100 for next 5 and finished at 95/105. Burned about 460.

Will try to post with the weigh-in tonight. All depends if my teenagers will let me near the computer!


  1. The focus thing - I think you know when the time comes you will be able to get it back and buckle down. If you're not going overboard right now - no worries right?
    Also, you said you don't have to buckle down till 14 weeks out...when is that from now?

    Gotta love's my weakness, too. I pack my meals everyday but often times sacrafice my planned meals for PB on wheat tortillas!! I roll it up and eat it! YUMMY!!

  2. Ok nevermind, I see your countdowns on your sidebar now...But what is Level 2? I guess we don't do it that way in the US...

  3. How are things? It's been a while since you've posted.

    I changed my blog URL the other day and realize now I have taken away the ability for some of my followers to find my blog! I have contacted those who's email I had, but for the rest of you I am leaving my new URL here in your comment. Please make sure to update your follow list so you can keep track of me! :)

  4. Hey Becca!

    Thanks for the check-in :) We all need that once in a while. I met with my trainer a couple of weeks back and she said I didn't need to diet until the 12 week mark so unfortunately that messed with my head and I didn't clean my diet up as I had hoped :S Ah well,next week will be the official 12 week mark and I won't have a choice!

    Sounds like you are in a good spot, I envy that and can't wait until my head is there again. It's so awesome that you have Tim to support and join you in your journey.

    Hope you have a great weekend and stay away from the goodies ;) I will try my best as well!