Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunny Monday!!

Happy Monday Y'all!!

How nice is it to see the sun again??

I'm just back from the gym where I had an awesome SHOULDER workout and cardio session!! Cardio was 35 minutes at a 15% incline followed by a 1 mile run. The best news is my legs didn't itch at all :)

Now I am eating  a 1/2 c egg whites with 1 baked green apple...yum! Next up is 1 cup of raw brocolli (yuck). All I can say  is thank god for mustard.

After that I am heading upstairs to wash that grey right out of my hair.This is one of the way I save money while training. I do my own hair colour and let my nails grow off until it is comp time and then let the pros take over. I figure my hair is rarely seen as I tend to wear my hat most days due to the double cardios and there is no point trying to have pretty nails when I'm rarly outside the gym!

I have a pretty easy day today. I am meeting a potential client at 3 pm who is interested in attending my boot camps.Then I will do my 2nd cardio session which I think I will do on the spin bike. After that I have 2 more clients and I'm homeward bound.

I like my easy Modays.

What does everyone else's day look like??

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