Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cardio, Cardio , Cardio!

I got my new program on Sunday and there were 2 big changes...

1. My cardio has been upped fron 45 min twice a day to 60 min twice a day.
My morning cardio is 60 min of walking at an 8% incline at a speed between 3.4 - 3.7.
My evening/afternoon cardio is 60 min on the spin bike with little resistance keeping the cadence around 100 rpm.

2. My leg workouts have been removed and replaced with another 60 min of cardio.
Normally I do an hour of legs with Mindi on Tuesdays and an hour long leg conditioning camp with the team on Saturdays. Both of these were replaced with 60 min of cardio.

So...that means my weekly cardio total is now 13 hours. It is light, easy cardio so I can't complain about that but it sure is boring! I don't think there are enough tabloid magazines published weekly to get me through it :)

I also still get to keep my 200 (each leg) lunges  a day...lucky me!

Yesterday was the first time for the 3 hrs cardio and I chose to  break it into two 90 min sessions.

I went to Body Waves in the morning and did 70 minutes on the treadmill followed by 20 minutes on the bike. They don't have spin bikes available for use outside the class so I put it on manual and rode around 100 rpm at level 2 - 4.  After that I did 100 walking lunges.

Between clients in the late afternoon I rode the spin bike for 90 minutes and at the end of my day I did another 100 lunges.

Today is back , 2 hrs cardio & 200 lunges.

Shrink legs, shrink!!!


  1. wow! sounds like my kindof prep! (yeah im the cardio junkie!lol!)
    hope you can find the inner chi to get through the boring parts of the extra cardio,but i have no doubt you will get the work in! just hang in there and keep on keepin on!

  2. There aren't enough magazines in the world for that amount of time but you'll power through, I know you.

  3. At least it's not balls to the wall cardio :) Stupid legs, mine are the same way. Unlike you though I look emanciated before it's all said and done. That sentence didn't come out right. I mean you have nice muscle on your upper body LOL!