Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Those Darn Legs!

Yup in my short off season, they went and got big again :(

Sugar is definitely not my friend and too much of it doesn't take long to show up on my hips and thighs.

Maybe one of these times I will learn my lesson?!?

Anywho...here  is what I am dealing with at 8 weeks from the Natural Canadians-------->>>>>>

I attended my first posing class of the season on Saturday and took these photos after. As you can see I am still hiding under my shorts...not quite ready to expose the booty yet :S

The feedback I got was that the upper body is where it should be but the legs need to be smaller. No big surprise as that seems to be what I am dealing with every time. The good news is that I still have 8 weeks to get them there.

I am currently doing cardio twice a day for 45 minutes, legs with
Mindi on Tuesdays and a leg conditioning camp with the team on Saturdays. Dennis said he was going to talk to Mindi about what else we could do...I have a sneaky suspision that hundreds of lunges are in my near future :S

Diet is perfect other then the addiction to edemame I have developed. Trying to cut back on it though as I worry about the estrogen from the soy.

I will post pics again at the 6 week mark and hopefully the legs will be looking a little leaner. I will probably be in the bikini bottoms at that point as well as I don't see myself getting away with those shorts much longer :)

Hope everyone has a great day and kick butt workout! I know I will...it's 'legs with Mindi' day...pray for me!


  1. I had leg day yesterday. I'm sure i'll be sore tomorrow :)

    My legs are always last to lean and first to come back.

    You're doing great!

  2. Looking good love! My legs are always the last to come in too. I think most women run into that. No worries - 8 weeks is still enough!

  3. All those lunges will fix ya right up! ouch! (on your behalf)