Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lunges & Edamame - 7 weeks out

I had an interesting week as far as training and diet goes.

After Saturdays class I was prescribed 200 lunges a day on each leg in addition to the 2 leg workouts I do each week! I choose to do 100 after each cardio session. I get enough funny looks doing 100 at the small gym near my house I can't imagine what would happen if I did twice as many :) One man asked me why I didn't just pick up some weights and do less! 

We tried to go as 'fake sugar free' as possible to see if we could trick my body. The scale doesn't seem to be moving like it should and Mindi wondered if perhaps it's still treating the atificial sweeteners as sugar. I also seem to be super sensitive to sugar. Normally I will have crystal light in my morning shake, in my water throughout the day (if I find I am having trouble getting it down), in my homemade salad dressing (mustard, apple cider vinegar & splenda) . Sometimes I would even add some to my egg whites.

I have also been treating my self to a diet pop at night in order to ward off the munchies. I love the diet crush rainbow comes with 6 cream soda, 6 root beer, 6 grape and 6 orange. So yummy! I have now got Adena (She said I need a Goal) hooked on it. Not sure if that is a good thing or not.
I still struggle with the whole artificial sweetener thing. It is the only way for us dieters to have a 'treat' but then there are so many reports on how detrimental it is. Any thoughts? I have read that because your body doesn't know how to process it that it treats it as a toxin and stores it as fat contributing to cellulite. Eventually I would like to give it up all together but I am not sure if that is possible :S

Another addiction I have developed is to edamame.

It seemed to be a tasty, low cal treat. I even made sure it was 'Dennis approved'. I was using it a lunch as part of my umlimited veg, my afternoon snack in place of my snow peas and sometimes in the evening if I felt like a snack. So sometimes that would add up to 3 or 4 pods a day!

The shocker came when I read the nutrition info a little more carefully...

If you notice it gives the nutrition info for each serving which is I mistakenly assumed is how they portioned them. But boy was I wrong...they actually put 3 servings in each portion! Tricky buggers!

When I thought I was consuming 93 calories, it was in fact 279!
When I thought I was consuming 5 g fat & sugar it was 15!

And on those days where I had 3 or 4 pods it added up to 837-1116 calories.
  45 - 60 grams of sugar and fat!

Remember I am the girl whose body is uber sensitive to sugar! Not good!

Needless to say they have left my house not to return again until off season. Who would have though a silly little bean could become such a problem!

I truly think this was more of the problem then the sweetener and am confident I will bein seeing more results with it out of my life.

We will find out next week when I post my 6 weeks pics :)


  1. Better I drink the rainbow pack than hit the candy store. :-)

  2. Try replacing the artificial sweetener with steevia. Because stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose, it is attractive as a natural sweetener to people on carbohydrate-controlled diets. Hope this helps!!!....Les

  3. UGH! Those dang portioners! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have thought - "Get real, who eats ______(fill in abnormally small portion size) here. LOL
    I bet you ANYTHING that edamame has been whats' holding you back. That's a big diff!
    Great job on the lunges T!

  4. Have you tried Zevia? It's really good and it's sweetened with Stevia. I like Root Beer :)

    Holy lunges man! I would be dying! You're a beast!