Friday, November 6, 2009

Ottawa Bound!

I awoke at 5 am this morning STARVING and ready to get at my carton of egg whites! I would have loved to sleep longer as I didn't get to bed until after midnight and have a long drive ahead of me but my body was just not cooperating. Oh well, hopefully I can crash early tonight at the hotel!

I have all my food packed up,  just have to finish packing my clothes and should be ready to go. Finding 'normal' as in' non workout clothes' was rather tricky as everything I tried on practically fell off of me. My skinny jeans don't look so skinny anymore...haha. I guess it has been a while since I've had the opportunity to wear something other then workout gear...between training myself and others it seems there is little opportunity to get 'dressed up' in jeans :) Don't get me wrong..I have NO problem spending my life in lululemon I just often find that when it is time to wear something else either it no longer fits or my daughter has decided that it now belongs to her and I have to go on a hunt!

I went for a couple of spray tans yesterday to spare my daughter a few coats of the Jan Tana as I am sure she will not be thrilled to be painting her Mom :S I also got my brows , nails and toes done...thanks Kara!! This morning I have a hair appointment where Sam will touch up my colour and put in my hair extensions...while he is doing this I am hoping my car will be getting its oil changed as I ran out of time to do that yesterday. Once all of that is done we are OTTAWA bound! It should take about 5 hours if all goes well. Travelling with me will be my 16 year old daughter Taryn and her friend Angie. Taryn is quite camera happy as most 16 yr olds are these days so I just have LOTS of pics to post of our journey.

I am feeling good and ready for this show. Need a little more practice on my lat spread as I seem to be having trouble opening up my back but other then that should be good to go! Pre- Judging is at 9 and the night show is at 6 pm which is kind of nice. I am not sure how to post  blog updates from my phone but will try to  do so through twitter and facebook.


  1. I am so ready to see your pics!! You will have a great time with the girls in tow, and it will be so nice not to have to worry about the camera. I am sure you look Fabulous. Congrats on your second show - you will always have yourself to compete against. I took second this time but was SO HAPPY with my look - my best ever, so that is a win on it's own. GO TAWNYA GO!!

  2. have fun! cant wait to see pics!

  3. Best of luck!!! I'll be thinking of you all weekend! WOOO HOOOO!!!