Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post Comp Week

Last week I was living in post comp hell...the little guy to the right best describes how I felt! With a week to 'relax' from dieting and no workouts to do I felt totally off again. I am hoping with every show I do this will get better. The plan was to have cheats Saturday after the show and Sunday. I can even say that I didn't go too crazy on these days. I arrived home late Sunday night and had an early client Monday morning. Therefore there was no time to prepare anything. Groceries had not been bought, food had not been cooked, etc...then when I went into work and Dennis told me not to worry about dieting this week and to relax. I knew I was in trouble. This girl obvi hasn't learned how to eat relaxed yet! If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them!

 After a few clients I went to Costco with the intention to stock up on chicken. I left with chicken and a box of fresh cookies, the 'chocolate lovers pack' even :S One of my most fav treats is the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and there was a whole row of them!

The rest of the week kinda went like that, start every day with good intentions and plenty of prepped food but blow it somewhere along the way. I would think, well this is my only week to relax so I better eat it now. Soooo wrong....I know. The whole week I felt tired, sluggish, grumpy and almost fluish . I was puffy and bloated and couldn't even enjoy my victories.

The good news is that week came to an end and come Monday morning I was right back on track.This is an improvement from show #1 where it lasted about 8 weeks! It helped to have a yummy new off season to follow...I am ENJOYING my clean food again :)

It also help to know that come Friday and Saturday night I am allowed 'clean cheats'. Mindi was quite clear that those cheats will not be dessert of any kind. I know this is better for me as I have learned that once I indulge my sweet tooth I can't seem to stop. Once I get the sugar out of my system it is pretty easy for me to stay on track. If am going to cheat, or want to, at that point it is normally fats like nuts or nut butters. During the prep for my first comp I had to take the walnuts right out of my diet because I couldn't have them in the house!

Workouts have been going well this week. I am doing a 5 day split w 45 minutes of cardio on each of those days. Saturday I will go to 'Leg Camp' for an extra blast.  

My next show is April 3 which is only 19 weeks away. We are thinking that I need about 14 weeks of prep so that means my off season comes to an end December 26...looks like my last clean cheat may be Christmas day! Pretty good timing I must say.

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  1. 19 weeks? wow i didnt know april was coming up so fast!!! it seems like you have a GREAT plan of action for next prep...cant wait to follow along!