Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Night Show

After the pre-judging wrapped up my daughter, her friend Angie, my brother and myself headed back to the hotel. I forgot to mention in the previous post that my awesome little brother made the 6 hour trek to Ottawa by himself after work Friday so he could be there to support me! Sorry Ryan! I can't thank him enough and I am thinking it is about time I got my butt to some of his motocross races dontcha think? We may have  also made a lil pit stop at the liquor store to get a few bevies to celebrate after the show ;)

I munched on some more dry oatmeal (yum?) and got in about a 90 minute cat nap. I awoke groggy and in the need of Starbucks! The girls had just returned from a mini tour of downtown Ottawa and I sent them out for a grande americano (black of course). I didn't realize until the next day but the hotel Starbucks had closed and they went in search of another one that stayed open longer. They apparently told the barista that I needed it REALLY bad! LOL...I found this out the next day when we hit up the same Starbucks :) Gotta love em!

I sipped on my americano as I touched up my tan and the girls tried to fix my hair ( damn extensions! My hair needs to grow FAST) I wish I would have realized how important hair is in competing when I chopped it all off about a year ago! Then it was back to the venue...the crew dropped me off and then headed off to Pizza Pizza...what? At least they didn't do it before they dropped me off I suppose!

So backstage I go where Mindi touched up my makeup, glazed me & bit my bum again ;)

A quick pump up and the masters short class hit the stage. They brought  the 10 of us out, had us do our quarter turns and then sent us backstage. They then called out the 3rd place winner...not me. The 2nd place winner...not me. At this point you never know whether this is good or bad...then the first place winner...ME! Yeah! We got photos taken with these HUGE trophies and were awarded medals. Then we went backstage and handed the trophies back so they could be used in the photos for the next class :) My daughter was quite disappointed that the trophy was not coming home with us... although I think we may have had trouble fitting it in the car with us 3 girls anyway! I don't have any personal photos of this because my daughter decided to make a video  which I will upload when I figure out how!

Then came the masters tall class. While they were doing their thing I switched my numbers and got ready to hit the stage with the level 2's. Again they brought all height classes out together...the 9 of us did our quarter turns and were sent backstage. Then they called out the 3rd place winner..not me. The 2nd place winner...ME! Sooooo happy! We did some photos and the 3rd place winner and myself were sent off while the overall winner was awarded some prizes and had more photos taken.

Then it was backstage again where all us girls shared our goodies. I have to say I really love this sport and am impressed by how nice everyone is to each other. There were hugs all around and everyone congratulated each other on a job well done. Even though we are competing against one another on the stage you would never know it by the interactions backstage and in the dressing room. We all know how much dedication it takes to get there and there is a mutual respect.

Now was the long awaited time for celebration and for that we (Myself, Ryan, Taryn, Angie. my fellow competitor Erica, her brother and Mom) chose the Lonestar Grill...after a LOOOONNNGG wait we finally got a table and were served nachos and salsa. Erica and decided to share a plate of nachos and a share plate which consisted of taquitos, quesdilla spinach dip and flat bread. Yum!! I may have also washed it down with a mango margarita :)   

With a full belly I headed back to the hotel to have a very overdue shower and return to my normal colour! I then threw on my jammies and my brother joined us for a cocktail. After 1.5 I was sound asleep! Not quite the party girl I used to be!

I am off to work now but will post soon on 'Post Comp Week'. 


  1. WOW!!!!! so proud of you!!!!!
    very glad to hear you enjoyed the experience of it all!!!
    so have you got the bug yet???

  2. Oh she's gotten the bug. LOL
    Tawyna I loved hearing this recap. You really took me there. I love reveling in other people's success and comp stories, love being a fly on the wall. And how awesome was that of your lil brother to make the drive? Ah, you are so loved!!