Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Asparagus and Stepmills...

These are 2 things that have become a big part of my life over the last several months.

Since beginning my 'diet' back in November I have ate 10,then 8 spears of asparagus EVERY day for dinner! Thats about 1000 spears! Actually, as I type this at 6:22 am I am cooking more asparagus. So after anxiously awaiting my my diet revisions on Sunday I was shocked to discover that not only do I continue to eat it for dinner but now....I get to have it for breakfast too! That's right, I say goodbye to my 1/4 cup of oatmeal & 1/4 tbsp of natural peanut butter which I have come to enjoy immensely and hello to asparagus and egg whites...yum yum! What is it about asparagus anyway? I know that it is a diuretic and supposed to release toxins but does anyone know why else it would be so important to eat in such quantities? Just wondering...

Now for the stepmill. I have spent more time with that damn thing over the last few months then I have with my children! Thats's right, about 8.5 hours a week I step , step, step away on that lovely machine. As my trainer puts it "its a love/hate realationship" you develop with it because truth be told I feel it has been a big part of the butt shrinking process. And butt shrinking has been a major focus in this journey! I have to say that over the last week or so it has been more of a 'love' relationship thanks to 'cute hockey boy' who happens to be stepping at the same time as me most evenings :) He has decided to take it upon himself to make me work harder because he wants me to do well. This involves challenging me to step faster & even stays on his stepper for an extra 30 minutes sometimes to make sure I accomplish this! When we're done he wipes my machine down for me and lets me know when he'll be back on there again just in case I want another push :) I will keep you posted on this one but right now if it makes stepping easier and 'almost' something to look forward to I will take it!


  1. Hey, you showed up in my RSS feed, yay it worked!

  2. You are doing great work
    Can't wait to see the end product.