Sunday, April 12, 2009

2 Weeks

I sit here with my coffee thankful to have finally gotten a decent nights sleep (thank you nytol). I'm not sure what the cause is but from what I am hearing it is quite common to have disrupted sleep as you get closer to the competition. Anyone in my life knows that I don't do tired well...some people I know can get through their day on little sleep and be pleasant and look perky. Not I...I am a bear (my children can vouch for that), white as a sheet & get these enormous bags under my eyes. Not a good look at all! Another problem is that normally when I am sleep deprived I tend to make poor food choices.Being as focused as I am at this time I will NEVER eat something that is not on my diet, however...I have been known to have a problem with the nuts that are part of my diet. So...what do I do Friday night when I can't sleep?? Well...I get my butt out of bed, come downstairs and while I surf the net manage to eat what was left in the walnut container!!!!!I am scared to think about how many I consumed but I would bet that it was more then a cup. Aaaarrrgghhh! That is 710 calories and 68 grams of fat and that's only if I only consumed a cup!!! I am so mad at myself and even tempted to do the stepmill today (my rest day) in order to get an extra calorie burn.

Other then that incident the only other thing that is causing me a little anxiety is posing. I feel like a have a pretty good handle on the quarter turns but def need work on my walk and model turns.Somehow I need to be able to walk (in 5 inch heels), keep my gut sucked in, smile, breath and show 'attitude' all at once :S I am going to see Mindi on Tuesday for some extra practice so hopefully this will help to put my mind at ease.

I should be getting a new diet this week and am excited to see what it entails...last week I lost my oatmeal and pb to asparagus & egg whites which actually wasn't as bad as I expected. I expect some big cut backs this week but that's okay, as long as I still away from the nuts I should be fine. Only 2 weeks to go...I CAN DO THIS! I WILL rock that stage :)

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