Sunday, March 28, 2010

1 busy week to go!!

Well this is what I am dealing with at 1 week out.

I am quite pleased with how my upper body has come along but still a little concerned with the rear view :S Hopefully that will show some improvement when my water intake is dropped. In the meantime I will just keep lunging, cardioing and to quote one of my team mates...'praying to the glute gods'. Funny enough it seems to have worked for her. She looked incredible at posing yesterday.

This suit is new for this show and I just have to say I LOVE it.
 It was made by Karen at KHP Designs and she did a fabulous job.

This week is full of prep...tan, nails , hair, addituon to my regular training. Should a busy fun filled week...can't wait! I am looking forward to getting away for the weekend with friends and family. 

 has a great group of girls going and regardless of the outcome I am sure it will be loads of fun.

Today I am meeting of with my best friend Beth who is visiting from England. She is back home finalizing wedding plans. She invited me to go wine and food tasting with her in Niagara-on-the-Lake but obviously that's not doable at one week out so... 

We are going to go for a power walk, have some black coffee and take a visit to the local Lululemon. Starbucks and some Lulu-therapy is the next best thing right?


  1. Love the suit! You are looking amazing, can't wait! Does Beth know about your 'power walks'?

  2. wow!!!!!! looking GREAT! your back is awesome!!!
    this week will go by faster than you knowit! looking forwaed to reading a recap this time next week!!

  3. HEY T,
    Just checking have come along way girl...we are so proud of you!

    Dennis and I are so happy that you are part of our team and part of our family...we love you!

    Stay's almost show time!

  4. WOW! Look at that lean upper body! I struggle with the same things (lower body coming in late or not at all!!) but girl, you look great. Happy peak week. I see I am a few days behind (sorry) but want to wish you the best of luck this weekend. DO YOUR THING! You are a winner for a reason...remember that. Work what you can and leave the rest to fate. XO