Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Comp Week!!

I think I have made it through the post comp madness but oh what a ride it was! This is something that I was not warned about and wow did it take me by surprise! After 5 months of planning every detail of my life (grocery shopping, meal prep, workouts, work schedule, social outings, family time, etc..) around this one particular event it came and went in a matter of hours leaving me totally lost. All of a sudden I didn't know what to eat, didn't have a workout plan & had all this extra time on my hands! Not a good scene at all! Having been warned about the dreaded 'rebound' I had my treats on Saturday evening and Sunday and had planned to get back on track on Monday.I found a diet from a few weeks back and decided to go with that because I was afraid to add carbs back in too quickly. Everyday started out well but somewhere along the way a temptation would pop up & I would think to myself...'I could have that if I wanted to. After all I'm not dieting anymore' and I would cave! One day it was Valentine's chocolates in the freezer, another it was pizza & creamsicles...gross! It was like in that one day I lost all my willpower, without that goal to strive for all my efforts seemed pointless. I know this is ridiculous and that if I were to start eating like that again I would blow up and undo everything I spent 5 months working so hard for. All the sacrifices I made and all the hours in the gym and on the stepmill would be for nothing. Well, not NOTHING as I did walk away with 2 trophies :)...but you know what I mean. In 6 weeks I will start prepping for a show in September and I would hate to think that I would have to start completely fresh again.

So what do other figure girls do? How do we find the balance in the off season? The balance somwhere beteween 100% clean eating & eat everything in sight because we can...I have 6 weeks before I'm back to 100% and other then a trip to Vegas next week I think I have a plan. Here it is...I will follow my 'off season' diet (which I have as off Friday) with a cheat meal on the weekend. I only earn that cheat if I have ate clean all week & got all my workouts in. Sound like a plan? I will keep you posted!

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